Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hawaiian word of the day

Just a quick post for today, getting my last minute stuff packed for my trip tomorrow....but I still wanted to write a little bit today....

instead of just a word, I am picking a phrase that I use ALL the time ( as well as pretty much every Hawaiian or local person uses), so not taking the credit for this one, just sharing for those who might not know it...

The phrase is:

a hui hou (ah-who-ee-ho) pretty much means until next time, or until we meet again.

hui -can mean a gathering

hou- means again

so if you break it down it means to gather again....or in plain English, until we see each other, or meet again...

pretty simple phrase (& one I use ALL the time...) I end most of my e-mails with this (even to my non-Hawaiian friends...)

Anywho, don't think I'll get a chance to blog this weekend, so I'll share my DC adventures when I get back!

A hui hou!!!!-Tina

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