Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today's Hawaiian Word...

Hana lima (ha-nah-lee-mah) Handmade, manual labor, to make with the hands.

in other words, pretty much what every crafter does (or hopes to do ) everyday. Working with the hands. Whether it be sewing, cooking, scrapbooking...you know who you are & what you're addicted to :) but you all Hana Lima.

I never really thought of myself as an actual "crafter" I love to make things, I sew (not as well as some of my haumana, but the things I have made so far, doesn't fall apart or anything like that...) But I usually look at others (like, people at craft fairs) & think of "them" as being a crafter...but if you've ever seen my closet, you'd think I just robbed a Jo-Ann's or Michael's, I mean I have stuff that I've never even dabbled in yet, but I got it just-in-case! I have cross stitch stuff ( which I do..) Glass etching stuff (which I have tried) beading ( do that too) have all kinds of yarn & knitting needles & crochet hooks ( haven't even started that yet) & let's not even bring up the fabric ( my husband thinks I'm a dragon guarding my horde when it comes to fabric...sad thing is he's right about that one...) so I guess I really am a crafter! This past Christmas was the first time that I actually made about 90% of my gifts ( & surprisingly, the receivers seemed to like them...at least what I have heard so far...) So I guess what my babble is about today, is it so wrong to be called a crafter? Nah, I think it's a complement & I feel honored to be in such ranks! So go make something today & be proud of what you can do. My wish for you all is that you never lose your abilities to use your talents! Have a wonderful day & go "Hana Lima"


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Debbie Kiakahi said...

Aloha Kumu,
I was feeling so cool, when I just for the first time was going to send a blog. Mahalo for your kokua in introducing me to blogging. But got to the end of my blog and had to set up an account and all that technical stuff. Then walla it all disappeared. So that long blog is gone to blog heaven. Oh well, at least I tried to do something new, like you. You are way more daring than me.
I can hana lima and have made lots of stuff. I will be sending them soon. I am trying to fill the box first. I am using the stuff that Thomas gave me when I was in Hawaii. See, it is being put to good use and the halau will benefit (if it sells, haha).
I love the Hawaiian word of the day. I am trying to use them daily on my mo'opuna wahine. She just looks at me funny but knows a lot of words already. Ihu, po'o, maka, she is getting it faster than me.

Call me, we need to talk and I miss you and give the girls a hug for me and also Jeff. Keep one hug for you. Happy Valentines Day to you all.
Aloha pumehana,
Debbie Kiakahi