Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aloha Y'all


I'm baaaaaacccckkkk! Did ya miss me? :) I am back from DC & before I go any further, Just want to send out a HUGE Mahalo nui loa to my cousin Paul & all his haumana up there.


Thank you all for everything ( & hope to see y'all again soon, like next month....hint....hint....)

It was so nice to recharge the old hula batteries ( & man, do mine need recharging....) There is something VERY exciting that will take place up by those guys in 2 years & hopefully soon I can tell you ALL about it, but for now it is kinda hush, hush..... (oooooo.....secrets.....don't they just bug the hell outta ya?) :) But trust me it's a GOOD one!

& just wanted to ask,cuz, since when did you get so tough? Cause I am BEAT!!! Good thing I'm on pain medication cause I NEEDED it!!! I mean, I know we were kidding about the Advil, but I was poppin my naproxin like mentos! :) Ok, I didn't pop them like mentos, but I am glad I had them with.....maybe you aren't getting tougher, maybe I'm just getting OLD!!!! :) (yeah, we all hate to admit it, but it happens...like I tell my girlies "see the hill over there?.....GET OVER IT!!!") I guess I just needed to see that in print to tell myself the same thing :)

Anycrap, will be getting in touch with my own haumana ( you gals know who you are...) to catch you up on the weekend & to make arrangements for our own events coming up.

As I have mentioned on other posts we will be going to compete at the Hoike Hawaii festival ( I guess you can call it a festival....) In Orlando in July! I am TOTALLY excited because this is the first time that our whole halau will be entering on our own. ( we have been in other competitions, but always combined with another halau.....so I am frightend-terrified- excited! for this one....not to worry it's ALL GOOD!) :) There are 6 dancers (3 from the Chicago halau, 1 from Kansas City area, & 2 from here in Georgia...) that will partake in this. It's kinda wild, cause I have taught these ladies in their own areas & then we will all get together to finalize all the details (I know sounds kinda chaotic...but that's how I like to run things here...) :) No matter what though, we will have a blast!

That's about all for today, just catching up from the weekend stuff, kinda sore, kinda tired, but it's all worth it! Can't believe it's already March.....got to get things rolling here, so bye for now!

A hui hou,


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