Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yucky Rainy Morning to all...

Hi-diddly-ho everyone, Just a rather yucky day outside. I can't complain of the temp.It's still supposed to be in the 60's today, but we had a slight thunderstorm early on & when I wake up to that, I tend to want to stay in & find things to catch up on (like all the sewing I've promised to do for months now....) :) But then holidays & birthdays get in the way, then darling sweet hubby comes up with an idea to turn pictures from a calendar into wall art..."honey to we have any odd-sized frames to put up these odd-sized pictures?" Odd-sized frames, how odd are these sizes? Ya know, 7 1/2 by 12 3/4....Gee honey, I don't think they make that size....could we cut down the picture?....No that would ruin it...ok how about mod podge it to something....(oops...there I go & open my BIG mouth!) Hubby then asks "what's Mod-podge?" as if I made up this crazy sounding thingy because I'm the crafty one in the house AHHHHH!!!! So all the sewing gets put on the back burner while I'm modpodging 12 months worth of pictures for our home! Must say they do fit our tropical theme, but as if I didn't have a hundred things to catch up on already, without the snowball of things that have been going downhill since before Christmas...oh & have I mentioned that our Hula Halau is going to compete this year? If I haven't already, yes, our Halau is going to compete this year in Orlando...just thought I'd throw that in to simplify my life :)

Sorry, just had to get some of that out of my system. i think I'll go have some coffee now! Have a wonderful day all!

P.S. Still no real pictures I need a REAL camera to do that....ok, I'm REALLY going to go have my coffee now.....Laters!

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