Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hawaiian word for today...

Well my intention was to post a new word for each day ( at least for this month...) but already life got in the way & I have been unable to post for the last couple of days (how rude for life to just take over like that...) Anycrap...finally getting around to posting today! (I know, about time...) but here is my word for today (freshly borrowed from Ulukau-hawaiian online dictionary)

1. nvt. Family or personal gods, deified ancestors who might assume the shape of sharks (all islands except Kauai), owls (as at Mānoa, O'ahu and Kaū and Puna, Hawaii), hawks (Hawaii), elepaio, iwi, mudhens, octopuses, eels, mice, rats, dogs, caterpillars, rocks, cowries, clouds, or plants. A symbiotic relationship existed; mortals did not harm or eat aumākua (they fed sharks), and aumākua warned and reprimanded mortals in dreams, visions, and calls. (Beckwith, 1970, pp. 124–43, 559; Nānā 38.) Fig.., a trustworthy person. (Probably lit.., au 4, group, + makua, parent.) See pulapula 2. hō.au.makua To acquire or contact aumākua.

Ok, so roughly an aumakua (ah-ma-coo-ah) is what you could call a guardian of sorts. (linked to the gods naturally) I was always told each aumakua had a specific way to help the ones they are guarding (like, I know on my grandmother's side of the family, the owl (pueo) is our aumakua, & the pueo protects you in your they could help you to not get lost, to have safe trips, etc. & on my grandfather's side it is the shark (mano) & the shark is supposed to protect you in the water, stuff like that)they can appear in dreams, literally appear & they could also do harm to those who would try to hurt you as well...a very handy spirit to have on your side! So, I bet you're wondering why I chose this as the word of the day, well, that will have to wait for tomorrow (or actually later on today... will post a picture to answer that...) Till then you'll just have to trust me on that one....

Well the last couple of days have been a wee bit chaotic over here ( in a good way) with catching up on some projects that I've been putting off since the holidays, like finishing the curtains that I was supposed to make BEFORE the holidays started ( only got the front room, kitchen & family room done...still need to do the dining room & the girls bedrooms, so have been getting that all together...) Also finally stripped the desk we picked up for the little queen of the house (found a REAL cute old fashioned school desk for Jade on one of our thrifting adventures ...)it needs a good painting, so finally got around to stripping the old paint off & will hopefully get to painting tomorrow, went to see a doctor (long story on that one, will fill in laters ) :) finally cleared up my craft area, put all the like items together (fabrics all washed & sorted in clear zip bags, beads with the beads, sewing notions all in reach...stuff like that) Got a new sewing table in my little corner, so actually have room to work on stuff...& have just been running around like a now at 1am, I'm finally getting caught up on my blog!

Anywho, sorry for all the babble, I promise this will make more sense once I'm fully awake & post pictures to match all the babble!

Till then, hope your aumakuas help (kokua) you out today & always ( see how nicely this is all starting to fit?) Have a great day!

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