Friday, February 15, 2008

Swap bot

Hello again, don't know if any of you crafty people out there already know about this site, but just in case you don't, I'm writing about it today. It's called Swap-Bot

now, in case you haven't read from the begining, I'm rather new to all this "blogging" stuff, so I guess you can say, I'm a little overwhelmed by it all. There's all these cool blogs out there, where peple share all kinds of ideas (for crafting, cooking, etc, etc) so that's kinda what as gotten me to give it a try....anycrap, I found out about this swap-bot & it's where quite alot of people like to swap stuff (stuff, they've made, found at thrift stores, got on clearence....just a bunch of sick people JUST LIKE ME!!!!no offense, I say it in jest....) :) I have just started & I'm already addicted (easy for me to get addicted to craft stuff....) anywho, I guess not all swaps go through, whether people just don't send them or whatever the reason, I'm not quite sure ( like I said, I just started...) but so far, I got this:

Swap-bot swap: Stuffies for everyone! Beginners, Newbies & Intern
I swap with Swap-bot!

it's my very first package I got from the woman who ran this particular swap (which was to make a stuffie & send it to your partner....) I sent out a honu to my partner (sadly forgot to take a picture of the honu I sent...I did say I'm new to all this & that my excuse & I'm sticking to it....) . The one running the swap decides who sends to who & then you get your swap partners address (there's also a bio on each person so you can see what kinds of stuff they like...) or sometimes there might be certain requirements to follow, pretty easy if ya ask me ( I know you didn't ask, but just saying it to be nice..) :)

Anycrap, if you're itching to make stuff & don't have a reason & are looking for a good excuse, give it a try. Ya never know, you might make a friend, get ideas to get those creative juices flowing, stuff like that!

Well, hope to one day figure out how to download the pictures I've been taking with my camera phone ( I know I should just go & get a REAL digital camera....) but for now I'll keep pluggin' away at this....Baby Steps, Baby Steps! Have a wonderful day everybody!


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