Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!!

well, it was a rather crazy weekend here with the weather. We were lucky enough to only get some rain & a beautiful lightning storm, but the downtown Atlanta area wasn't so lucky...sadly a tornado DID touchdown right in the heart of the city. The Georgia dome, Centennial Park, convention center (which a home show was supposed to be taking place this weekend) the CNN building, as well as anything else in between, was struck. I mean if you've seen the news, I'm sure you've heard all about it already.

Clean up crews are still trying to pick up the broken pieces ( literally...) still lots of broken windows, glass everywhere & other debris.....definitely a mess....but again, VERY lucky that it didn't go much further south! Also it's very fortunate that not too many people were seriously injured!!!

It rained on & off on Saturday too. Still had hula class & after class we went out to dinner with one of my hubby's co-worker & his family & right as we got to the place, it down poured for a few minutes (there was a wedding party taking pictures outside before the rain came down...) we sat in the car until it cleared & then the sun came right out & this appeared right in front of us

It's a country club & has a nice restaurant & bar, turns out to be probably the closest restaurant near our house & we never even knew it existed ( it's surrounded by homes so never knew it was there...) Food was average, but found out they have karaoke there on Friday nights (woo-whoo!!) might have to go try that sometime.... anywho, our kids & his older daughter seemed to be kinda quiet( kinda shocking for my girls...) I think maybe they felt a little awkward having a meal with people they didn't know... but it was nice to go somewhere for a change.

Anycrap, things are pretty quiet down here for St. Patty's day, I guess there was supposed to be a parade & of course that was cancelled, but even despite the freak weather, I don't think it's a well celebrated event down here anyways...

Well, other than a stormy weekend, it has been pretty nice since Sunday. Started to do stuff in the yard, brought the plants outside to get some sun, kids have been out playing & enjoying the weather, started some spring cleaning...stuff like that ( yes, it's been sunny for the past 2 days now...) but we are supposed to get some more storms tomorrow ( again on a hula day....go fig...)

have been working on hula stuff all day today (mostly competition stuff...) sending out e-mails to the people running it about ticket info, a practice schedule ( which they were supposed to send me already...) plus contacting the musicians about questions I had...stuff like that, follow ups on questions that have been out there for a while now....guess I'm not the only one who runs on Hawaiian time....
oh yeah finally got the camera phone working, so hopefully (knocking on wood as I type..) I'll be able to start putting up current pictures (like the rainbows above....)
ANYCRAP, just catching up on this blog stuff too, in case anyone IS reading this stuff out there...
Hope to start posting my "aumakua"s & projects that I've been making so far too...
'tis all for now....

Hope everyone had a happy & safe St. Patty's Day ( we did....we stayed home & did nothing....) :) There's always next year!
A hui hou!

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