Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Aloha e haumana...

...just sending out a quick message to my students out there ( you know who you are) :) anywho, I am not bringing my laptop this weekend ( just more junk to lug on a plane...) so thought I'd post the picture of the mu'u mu'u & sizes available so we can view them from where ever we'll be... so here goes:

the mu'u mu'u I am hoping to get though is a white on white print ( will show you what I mean about that, if you're not sure what I mean by white-on-white...) so it looks just like the one we already have in that is....

Sizes are as follows:

S M L XL 2X 3X

Bust: 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42"

waist:30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40"

Hip: 36" 38" 40" 42" 44" 46"

Length: 51" 52" 53" 54" 55" 56"

anywho, will talk more about everything when I get there, hope everyone either drives safely, (or for those of us flying...) hope your flight goes well, can't wait to see everyone...

other than that, hope everyone had a wonderful Easter as well, things were nice here, no rush to go anywhere, didn't have to cook for an army ( kinda sad about that though...) I mean, ended up making a ham, & some potato-mac salad, veggies, dessert & then thought, wow this can't be enough, but then Jeff tells me "hey, there's only 5 of us...who are you cooking for?" I guess I will eventually learn I don't have to make tons of food for just us...(if that made any sense..) just miss all my garbage dispossal ohana ( & you know who YOU are....) Just kidding, but we have been missing all the ohana especially during the holidays....anywho, mahalo to Barb for introducing us to the "plastic" Easter egg hunt....we use to dye all the hard boiled eggs, then try to get up before the kiddies do & have the "Easter Bunny" hide all the eggs & all that rot....well this time, we used your plastic egg method & man it was SOOO much easier to hide everything the night before while the little monkeys were asleep....that way they just went nuts the next morning & we didn't have to worry about not waking them up the night before....& the girlies liked having eggs to open with little goodies inside, I mean they still love hard boiled eggs, but finding little toys, jewelery, & money was WAYYYY better to them...normally whoever found the most eggs, got to open their baskets first, but they all made sure they found the same amount & then Jazzi & Jade decided that Boo should get her basket first ( it was shockingly fights or anything...) I was wondering what happened to my REAL kids!

Anywho, enough babble about Easter...have to go pack & round up everything for the weekend....malama pono to all & see you soon!

me ke aloha,


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