Friday, March 14, 2008

...more Ohana

well, I was supposed to be in Phoenix this weekend, but sadly Spring-Break & standby passes just don't seem to mix well....soooo, sadly won't be able to meet up with my Aunty Charlene :( Sorry Aunty.....I mean, getting out of Atlanta was no problem, but having to go through any of the connection choices FUGGETTABOUDIT! :( oh well, maybe next time.

There's a big Aloha Festival that is going on there this weekend (never even knew about it, even though others have told me of it....just never put 2 & 2 together.....) Anycrap, once I found out how big this fest was & that they have continuous entertainment & plate lunch & vendors, then I got REAL upset on what I was missing out on (who'da thunk this kind of stuff went on in Arizona of all places?...) Oh well, hopefully next year!

So since I am (still) home & since I was writing about Ohana & all that stuffs, I figured, I'd keep on the subject & let you know of my "other" ohana....

These are some of my haumana (HOW-MA-NAH=student) from our Halau (HA-LAOW=school) & hopefully they won't mind me sharing this picture of our 2006 Christmas gathering (hard to believe it's already been almost 2 years since this picture...seems like yesterday....anywho...) From L to R you have (upper row) Kiakahi, who resides in the Kansas City area of Missouri, Me , new Georgia girl ( & I was told by other locals, that I'm not really a Georgia girl until I've lived here for at least 5 years.....WHATEVER, then, I'm a transplanted Chicagoan...) & Polinahe (ok, she's lived here now for way more than 5 I guess she's a Georgia girl...via East Coast) & (lower row) L to R: Mililani (Chicago girl via Japan....), Puamaeole (Chicago girl!!), & Kalani (Georgia girl via Chicago too....) Quick funny story about Kalani, we actually went to the same High School in the Suburbs of Chicago (different grades, but we WERE there during the same times....) & we never met each other, never knew each other...but she called one day about hula classes, we looked each other up in our PROVI's (yearbooks) & she came to hula & has been with us ever since!!!
Anywho, these are some of my Hula Ohana. In Hula, you get so close with one another, you tend to treat each other as family ( good & or bad as that can be...) :) There's more to a halau than just learning how to dance. You really do become as close as family. There are a few more people in our "hula ohana" they might not always come to class ( heck they may NEVER come for classes...) but they have always been there for support or helping out when we REALLY needed it & will always be a part of our halau one way or another. Some of these ladies actually took hula from my mother (so, some have literally known me since baby time...) & some have found us on different Internet listings for hula, over the years some have come & gone, some have moved, or passed away,but however they did find us, they have become OHANA!
So this is just yet another type of ohana, whether you are literally related, or so close you practically CAN be's All in the Ohana to me....
Malama Pono to you & your ohana!
A hui hou...

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