Thursday, March 20, 2008

sew crazy...


well, finally started to take some pictures of the stuff I've been making lately (sorry if some of these are blurry...still figuring out the camera phone....)

Anycrap, here are some honu (turtles)

the smaller ones are about 3 inches in diameter & the larger ones roughly 5. So far I finished 18 of these little buggers ( 3 have been given away as swaps or gifts...) but have 7 more in the makings...

here's some of the pueos (owls)

These are the little stuffie guys:

& these are pins:
ok, need to take better pics of these, but the stuffies are about 3 inches in diameter ( the bottoms are round so they can sit...) & the pins are roughly about 3X3 inches ( & are much more bright in person than they came out in the picture...)
anywho, the pins are felt with either gold or silver pin backs ( have been using whatever I have for these...) the other owls & the turtles are scraps of anything I have around too....
Besides these little guys ( which I can say I am sadly hooked on making...) I have been trying to still finish the curtains for the rest of the house ( gotta keep the hubby happy too...) :) & making more pa'us, & bags too (mostly tote bags, small purses stuff like that...) & every now & then making earrings & bracelets ( was making some over Christmas season as gifts, but the girlies LOVED those, so have been making more for friends birthdays & just trying to keep some on hand in case any other surprise birthday pops up...which happens quite often around here "oh, mom, I was invited to a birthday party & it's we have a gift?"...YEAH! LOVE when that happens.....)
anywho, that's what I've been making lately...soon to be featured at your next hula event or possibly soon online....let me know what you think!
Mahalo & a hui hou

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