Thursday, August 7, 2008

School's started...

Aloha to all,

Well, another school year has already started with my little ones. I still have mixed feelings about it all. Everyone ( & their mother...) :) has been telling me how GREAT & WONDERFUL it'll be when they start up ( cause now ALL 3 are in school...) well, I'm rather sad that my little shadow is gone! I know how selfish this all sounds, but I miss them terribly!! But the good news, they all LOVE their new schools!!! My eldest is now in middle school & already, she says she loves it more than grade school (which is very good news cause she was starting to get very discouraged with 5th grade, last year...) & My middle & youngest were excited to go to the "new" school (our borders were changed last year, so they are now in the brand new school that was just built last year....actually I think they JUST finished building it this year...) & the biggest change ( I sadly admit) is mine! My baby is in Kindergarten....WAHHHH! & it's ALL DAY kindergarten too, so no slow, gradual, change. Nope, it's a whole IN-YOUR-FACE change. I know I'll get over it ( I did with the first 2...but they were just in for half day up in Chicago...) but it'll take time, it always does.

I guess the worse part was how my hubby has been teasing me the closer it got to starting up again, on how the youngest isn't going to be here everyday. Last week he was pleasantly reminding me "oh, she won't be asking you what's for breakfast?" or "mommy can I watch Noggin?" or any of those things. But "HA-HA" to him, she still has asked every morning so far, what's for breakfast, but we just have it at 6:30 am instead of 9:00am, so that part hasn't changed :) & he now tells me every morning (so far..) how I can finally get some of my sewing done ( he hates when my projects start piling up around the house...) & how nice & quiet it'll be around the house & even went as far as to say "now you can go get a real job!" That last comment almost got him a black-eye, but I didn't give in to the stupidity! No, instead I have been catching up on some of the things I have been putting off lately (if at least to keep me busy to NOT remind me how quiet the house is...) so yes, some of the sewing is finally getting done. My swaps are getting packaged up & sent. (I actually have filled out some apps on-line for work...but don't tell the hubby that one...) :) so I am trying to stay busy.

Well that's all I have for today, I hope to start up an etsy shop online soon ( that's one of the things I have been putting off lately...) so maybe I CAN get some things done around here now.

Either way, I miss my little monkeys, but they have been coming home with some great stories everyday already. Man, how time flies!

Aloha Pumehana,

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Sonya said...

Last year all my kids were in school all day for the first time and I did nothing for a week but watch tv and movies! After a week I started feeling enjoy! The projects will still be there :).