Monday, August 25, 2008

got some pictures...yea!!!!

Mahalo nui loa to my haumana Kiakahi (the MO in GA-IL-MO.....) :) for sending me some pictures from our competition in Orlando this past July....I knew I could count on you...I hope to get some more from my other haumana as soon as possible....

...but so far, here's a couple of groups shots:

This was our Kahiko costume. We did a mele called "Aia La O Pele" it roughly describes a ranting & destruction rampage that Pele (the Fire, or Volcano Goddess...) had...
This was our auana costume. The ladies did a mele called "Poliahu" (Poliahu is the Snow Goddess...) It's a beautiful song that was written by Frank Hewett a very wonderful Kumu hula & composer. Anywho, we covered the "Big Island" of Hawaii by dancing about 2 of the most powerful entities on that Island (not to mention that my Ohana is from the Big Island, so that really had the most to do with my mele choices...)
These were the VERY talented gentlemen who played the music for our halau (they also played for other groups there too....the "house" band so to speak...) Their names are Lopaka (on the left) & Kaleo (on the right) collectively they are known in Orlando as Ulumau. These guys really were FANTASTIC I mean the harmony & sounds from these 2 guys, sounds like an entire choir of singers. The version of "Poliahu" we chose was from a group called Ho'okena ( there are 5 singers in Ho'okena...) & these 2 sounded like 5 ( I hope that made sense...) We were so impressed on how well they played for us, I mean, no matter how much we thanked them, it really wasn't enough. They really made the girls WANT to dance, they were THAT great!!!
& this is Kiakahi (also known as Debbie...) :) she is my haumana from Missouri. (please ignore the odd tan marks on the chick next to Kiakahi...I'll explain that in one of the next rants...)
As I have stated in past posts, I had haumana (students) there from 3 different states, Illinois, Georgia & Missouri & these ladies really worked their buns off to get to Orlando & compete! (In fact that Friday before the competition was the FIRST time we all were together in the same state!!!!) It was rough to practice & get everyone on the same sheet of music, but we did it! & any obstacle that got in our way, we overcame it & I am so PROUD of these wonderful students of mine!!
Kiakahi actually sent an entire disc of pictures, but I'm having a heck of a time downloading them onto blogger for some reason (this was my 3rd try...) so I will post some more tomorrow...(I know, I give up too easy...) but I'll babble some more of our adventure then too (besides, my little ones are back from school already & demanding some snacks....) :) again, I give in too easy there as well! Mahalo nui loa, Kiakahi, I can't wait to see what else the others took....
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
A hui hou,

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