Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey, that's my Brother!!!

well, can't remember if I had made mention in this blog about my brother Pat being in a film, or not, so, figured, I could talk about him today!

Back in June, he spent the month filming a movie in Chicago called "Fancypants" it's roughly about a washed up pro wrestler who (with the help of his biggest fan, a little boy...)decides to end his career in a big bang ( & he helps the kid & his family out in the end as well...) I think it's supposed to be a comedy, but it's also kinda a drama/love story/comedy type of film ( my brother's words...)

Anywho, last Wednesday he had an article in the local Chicago Tribune about him so I figured I'd try to put a link up about it (hope this works...)here this was an interview at a local pub that we usually hold some of our "family meetings" at :) it's a place called Mugsy's in Forest Park, IL

Anycrap, they filmed it in a month ( that happened to be the time we last headed up to Chicago, we were also there to help take care of mom & pop so he wouldn't have to worry about his filming schedule & our parents at the same time...)

The funniest part was, he's NEVER acted before, so to get the lead role, even though he's never done ANY kind of acting before, was really a pleasant surprise to the whole family! It's supposed to come out sometime next year ( so will keep up on that here as well....) There were some other (real) pro wrestlers & actors in the film as well: Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hollywood Yates ( I believe he's called WOLF???) & another person known as Venom ( now please don't laugh at me, I really don't know who the "Wolf" & "Venom" people are, cause I'm not into wrestling....but I've heard they are well known...) But some of the people I HAVE heard of is Robert Carradine, Richard Kind & Roddy Piper& they are all in this movie as well. Anywho, we're all proud of the lunkhead!!! ( & yes, I can still call him a lunkhead, cause even if he does get all "famous" on us I'm still his little sister & always will be... ) :)

Anywho...check out the links & by all means keep the film somewhere in the back of your memory & check it out when it comes to your neighborhood! CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!! & hope this becomes a career for you!

Love Ya ! Your Sis-Tina

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Sonya said...

How cool is that! I know absolutely nothing about wrestling, but the names are sweet :). You're such a nice sister to blog about the bro!