Monday, July 28, 2008

Aloha !

Well, again I apologize for not blogging sooner! We have been back from Orlando for a week now & I'm FINALLY getting around to posting something about it. I was actually hoping for a few pictures (did I bother to take ANY while we were there? Of course not! I knew I wasn't going to remember to take out the phone even ONCE to take a picture...) but all my haumana did & we even purchased some from the photographer who was there taking pictures of the whole event, but I don't think we'll be getting those any time soon...Anycrap, once I get some from my haumana (or anybody)I PROMISE I will share them here!

Anywho, how did we do, you may ask?....well, we placed 3rd for our auana (modern) portion of the competition. Not too shabby for our 1st time! I was EXTREMELY PROUD of my girls ( & in my heart I KNOW they did WAYYYY better than 3rd place...) Even our kahiko was fantastic ( & I'm not just saying that because I'm their teacher. I mean on Friday morning (the event was the next day...) as we took our turn to practice on the stage, no one was able to tell it was the first time all the ladies were in the SAME STATE to dance together!!! After practicing in Missouri, Illinois & Georgia, it actually took us to gather in yet a different state (Florida) to finally get it all together UNREAL!!!! Now I highly recommend that people DON'T do this when trying to enter a hula competition, cause the stress factor IS enough to turn your hair grey, but it was SO worth it!!! We got so many nice comments from people in the crowd, as well as one of the Judges, so I know my girls did fantastic & all I can say is we'll knock 'em DEAD next year ( yup, I said "next year"...what can I say, I LOVE the challenge!!!)

Anywho, we are now taking a month off to recoup, relax, & re-charge the batteries, so now I can catch up on some of the things I've been neglecting around here (mainly my family...) :) My girlies will be starting back to school (already!!) & my baby is starting kindergarten too, (my little shadow is going to be GONE!!!!AHHHHH!!!) It's more of a shock to me than it will be for her!

Anywho, I have So many things I want to get started for next year (with hula & family & crafts & family...oops, I said that already...) That I feel kinda guilty taking a month off, but I also know if I don't take a break, I'll probably burn myself out ( & I know my ohana has been through enough already!) They need the break as much as I do, so do my haumana, they worked TOO HARD & need some time off from hula as well! TAKE A REST LADIES!!!! :)

Anycrap, we have some family that will be visiting soon. My Bro-in-law & hubby's cousins are coming to town to see a series of Cubs vs. Atlanta games (it'll be the 1st time we've ever gone to Turner field since we've been down here...) & I know we'll be getting ribbed cause we'll be attending in full Cubs garb (just asking for trouble...huh?) But it'll be nice to finally see the cubs play this year! My hubby has been besides himself cause he hasn't gone to a game this season & he'll finally be able to go! & as for me & the girlies, well, (don't tell my husband...) but I can take it or leave it, but it will be nice to take the girlies to a game. we haven't been to one in a LONG while so I know they're as excited as the hubby is.

Another first in a while, 2 of my haumana ( & one of the spouses...) treated us to a "date night" last Saturday! They took all 3 of our girlies to six flags ( another first for them since we've been down here...) & We got to go out sans girlies (first time in about 3 years now....kinda scary, huh?) I can't believe it's been 3 years since we went out just the 2 of us, but sadly it's true! Other than running to the store, even when family has come to visit here, we haven't gone out alone anywhere. I mean, when we're back up home in Chicago, especially this last time there, my sister in law helped out with watching the girlies, but that was mainly because my husband had to go back home for work & I was helping out at my parents, so it was helpful, but we didn't go anywhere. & usually I'm gone for the weekend, or Jeff is gone out of town so one of us was always home with the girls! So we went out to dinner (at Ruth's was AWESOME...) & a movie (saw the X-Flies movie, was pretty good...) & then, well we went & did what any married couple would do, we went grocery shopping, sad huh? It was kinda nice not to have anyone complaining, but I DID miss them terribly. Jeff said I need to get out more....go fig! & how did the girls like Six Flags, well they're still bragging about it, even though they were too chicken to go on any of the rides! They did go on some, but not too many. It did rain, but I know they are rather chicken! :) well, maybe next time they'll ride more!

Anywho, that's what's been going on this past week! I will post pictures of Orlando once I get some & one of my haumana was trying to get our dances on "You Tube" so if that's successful I'll let everyone know. So until next time, Th-Th- That's all folks!!!

A hui hou,


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