Friday, August 29, 2008

Now for something completely different...

Aloha All,

Well, I've decided to take a slight detour of the Orlando pictures today...why? well, just to give a break on the hula stuff (OK, really, because I forgot that I actually DID have a couple pictures of another recent event....)

I may have mentioned that we had some relatives come to visit us ( & if I failed to mention, then I'm saying it now....I can't remember who & when I said this stuff to half of the time...) :)

(Turner Field August 13, 2008)

Anycrap, we had some recent visitors. My brother-in-law & 2 of my husband's cousins came to town for a series of Cubs games that took place here in Atlanta 2 weeks ago..

(Uncles from L to R:Geico, Holly-Bear & Gus...some names MAY have been changed, not necessarily to protect ANYONE!) :)

(hubby has been DYING to see a Cubs game all season....) I guess last time we were up in Chicago the subject came up of how cool it would be for those guys to come down & see the Cubs play the Braves....well, who-da-thunk, it would actually come to fruition, but it did. Turns out hubby's work has season tickets to the Braves games, so somehow, he was granted them & we got to go to the whole series ( well, I got to go 2 cause there was a rain out & hubby had to work...Tues night game was now a Wed day game....), our ohana from up north went to all 3. The girlies got to go to the Wed night game as well...

(Da-Boo & Da-Maka-Bear)

( our youngest still chants "Fu-ku-do-me" & claps her hands while she see the games on TV cause that's what we were doing at the ballpark.....) Anywho, it was a blast, not only to see the Cubbies play, but to have family here & all go to the games together. I felt kinda bad, cause the guys really only got to see the games, time flew SO fast, we didn't have much time to go do anything else, & hubby was kinda bogged down at work, so they didn't really get to go out much, other than the games...oh & enjoy "Waffle House" after the games, cause that's about all that was open around here! ( I knew I should have taken a picture of that too...oh well, next time!) Anycrap, the guys flew in Tues, for the night game, it was delayed due to rain ( which we have finally been getting around here...) So the Tues game, turned into a Wednesday-DAY game, then they stayed 'til Friday ...actually Cousin "Gus" (...not his real name...LONG STORY!) :) had to leave Thursday, so he didn't go to the last game...the other 2 left Friday morning. So I guess there really wasn't much time for sight seeing, but I still felt kinda bad, that we weren't able to do much. But I believe they all had a good time, I know we had a BLAST!!! & Hopefully, they'll come to visit again sometime in the near future!

(Da Ohana)

Anycrap, hope you guys don't mind me posting the pics here on my blog (oops, kinda too late for that, huh?) :) Thank you nui loa, mahalo very much, for everything! Will be sending you a copy of these pics... ( hopefully they'll remember to e-mail some back too, I think my bro-in-law took a couple "good" ones) :)

so for today, "That's all folks"



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