Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aloha Everybody!

Aloha kakou,

I'm back from yet another weekend of hula, this time practice with my haumana up in Chicago ( & KC was represented too...) But it was a great relief to know you ladies are practicing & yes we ALL have to keep practicing :) but it's coming along well! We'll knock their socks off in Orlando this summer!

I have my homework (getting the dresses ordered, looking for fabric for kahiko, etc) & you ladies have your homework as well ( kahea's & now the ka'i & ho'i...stuff like that..) but it's all good!

I will keep everyone updated as things happen on my end & will be mailing out our practice cds by the end of the week...

Heard from Linda, she's on the Big Island now ( guess she was one of the Aloha Airline travelers...Aloha shut down business this week & of all weeks MERRIE MONARCH WEEK!!!) so halaus are having troubles getting to Hilo for the competition, stuff like that... Linda & Walter were able to switch to Hawaiian Airlines, but I'm sure EVERYONE is trying to get around on Hawaiian now too....what a mess! Anywho, Linda is getting her Poliahu & Pele fix ( & it's great timing since we're dancing about those two goddesses, so what better time to be on the Big Island...) I know we all just wish we were there too.....oh well, there's always next year! :)

anycrap, Mahalo goes out to Masae for having Debbie & me stay over this weekend. I appreciate it very much & mahalo to Corinna for taking Sunday at your house as well. I was so glad everybody was able to get together for the entire weekend, cause we only had 1 weekend together since last November ( & even then, we weren't ALL able to make it...) but working on getting EVERYBODY together for one last practice before Orlando as well ( our 1st & last practice together, so we'll have to make it a good one!!) :) As I have stated in other posts, I know it's a chaotic way to practice for our halau (being split into 3 different states...) but so far (knock on wood!) It's working!!! If there were anyone who could pull all this off smoothly it's you ladies & I am SOOOO proud to be your kumu & have such wonderful talents in our halau!

Sorry there's no pictures to share on this post, but will try to keep up on my blogging too....

That's all for today, just wanted to let all know we made it home safely (even if I didn't get out on the 1st flight..) but got on the 2nd one & Jeff still was able to put in a half day on Monday ( so keeping hubby happy= me getting to travel around more!) Besides costumes, we will start fund raising on our end as well ( trying to keep costs low from our GA girls are helping out with that one....)

So a hui hou GA-IL-MO girls & keep practicing!

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