Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Those Hula Blues.....

....tell me have you ever heard those hula blues... oops sorry 'bout that, just had that song in my head for some odd reason!

(ok, not the same song here, but the sheet music cover was cool....)

...well, it's been a while since I've written anything here, I mean when I first started this blog, I was trying to write SOMETHING, ANYTHING everyday....man, seems now if I remember to write anything, I'm a happy puppy! :)

Anycrap, things are getting busy with our halau for the competition in Florida. It seemed not so long ago, we had PLENTY of time to work on things & now...heck, it's almost 3 months until the competition! AAAHHHHH!!!!! (no, don't worry ladies, I won't panic just yet....I'll let it brew a while longer.....) at least this time around ( & for the 1st time...) it's just OUR halau entering! It was way worse when we had combined groups together, then you had to deal with everyones methods of dancing, costume making, playing all "nicey-nice" in front of everyone, just to get your teeth knocked out when you turned your back, so already, there's NONE of that kind of CRAP to deal with, so it's a WAYYYY better feeling this time around....it is Pono!!

(an image of Pele,found on the internet.... the fire goddess, or Goddess of the volcano, she resides in Halema'uma'u crater near Mauna Loa....one of the Goddess' we are dancing about in Orlando....)

...I think it's just nerves & wanting everything to go just right, so that's the stage I am at right now....but things are going right, we got our music to practice with, when we found out ohana couldn't play music for us, well then we were able to hire the house band....when we had a hard time with the costumes, we worked all that out as well. It seems like everyone was getting the dances down great, even though we are physically in 3 different states, everyone is on the same sheet of music now, so it's all good! We are all in this together for the same reason, to finally do it RIGHT! To finally be a part of something like this, with our hula ohana who share the same love for hula that each of us have! IT'S ALL GOOD! It IS pono!!!!

(an image of Poliahu I found on the internet...the other goddess we are dancing about in Orlando...she is the Snow goddess of Mauna Kea....)

just needed to get that off my chest today! Sorry for the babble....

Anywho, will try to keep up with the blogging best I can...
a hui hou,


Sher said...

Do you remember Pay it Forward? You signed up for it on my blog: http://oldtimemeartist.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html

and I never got your mailing address! Please send it to me at sherm19482002@yahoo.com

(You probably thought I forgot!) ;-)


Kim said...

Don't hula too much for Poliahu, we might end up with another blizzard here in Minnesota! We are nearly snow free.

I've been a busy quilter, quilting and running off to quilt camp. Now, spring clean-up, argh...

Happy hula hula!

Kim said...

Check my blog...I have a tiny bit of Hawaii now too!

Kim said...

Would be great if you would add your email address to your blog so bloggers can write to you without having to go through your blog.

Debbie Kiakahi said...

WOW, look at Poliahu! I think we should wear what she is wearing. Maybe we WILL win. Well, let me think about that again. Hmmmmmmm, OK, forget it. Love the pictures,