Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hau'oli La Hanau...

Hau'oli La Hanau...

DUH!!! Forgot to shout out some "Happy Birthday "wishes out there...

Hau'oli La Hanau to :

My Niece Jessica (Friday April, 25th)

My OLDEST Brother John (Yesterday April 26th)

other April birthdays (in case I get senile again...)

My Nephew Adam, April 29th

One of my best friends Dawn (Kopstain) Bintz, also April 29th

My Eldest Jasmine turned 11 on the 4th of April so happy belated girlie (she had a blast on her birthday, my youngest & I made her a birthday cake made up of her favorite cookies, because she didn't want a birthday cake....she was spoiled & went out to lunch with daddy too...JUST daddy, she didn't want ANY of us to SPOILED is that?)

Anywho, sorry about that ohana, but hope all your birthday wishes come true!!!

Aloha Pumehana & Malama Pono,

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