Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the madness begin!

Aloha everybody!

I know it's been a (LONG) while since I've posted anything here. This competition has taken all my time now (which I figured it would..) but just getting all the little last minute details ironed out before I leave for Orlando. Finally got all our costumes done here's one of the dancers modeling part of our Kahiko ( ancient ) costume:

this is our Pa'u skirts for Kahiko & ( at least for me...) took the longest to make. There are 4 panels of the black & grey in between the larger panel of red. It's about 4-4.5 yards in length ( which was fun getting the cording in for the waistband..) & has 8 casings in the waist band (corded every other row...) so the skirt is tied on ( ladies have red bloomers that go under so nothing shows...) & a red top to match ( which of course I haven't taken a picture of yet...go fig...) Plus there is a yellow lining for the skirt too, so when the ladies make their turns a flash of yellow will purpose for the colors was to match the colors of lava ( we are doing a song about Pele, the volcano Goddess...) It's a pretty common type of outfit for kahiko, just a little more sewing to do because of the panels...but I LOVE how they came out ( don't think the ladies LOVED putting in the cording though....) :)
Anywho, I hope to take more pictures in Orlando ( as long as I remember too...I am terrible at remembering to take pictures anymore...) & now I have no excuse, I have the friggin camera on the phone & that's usually with me all the I will make it a point to take pictures ( then getting them on here is another challenge...) :) We didn't make our dresses for the auwana or mordern dance ( if you've read past posts, we cheated & ordered them from Hawaii...) & my kahiko costume is rather simple. I have a pa'u dress with the same grey/black panel as the ladies skirts & a red & yellow kikepa ( a sort of wrap...) to go around the shoulders ( also to match their skirts...) so my costume is different since I won't be dancing, but it's a typical type of costume for the chanter ( to at least look like we belong together...) & I do not have the dress (again I'm the teacher now, so I won't be dancing...) but now kinda wish I did get one made for me too so I looked liked them ...oh well, maybe next time...had a misunderstanding with ohana back in Hawaii as far as flowers go, but that's ok, we figured out something to use here for our adornments & if anything it should be UNIQUE :) (love using that word for hula...) :)
But all in all, we're VERY excited & if anything, we'll have a blast! We are so much on track ( which is unusual for me...) it's scary! So wish us luck everybody! It's going to be a BLAST!!!
Will try post more (if I have time...) before we go, otherwise, will have loads to share when we get back!
Malama Pono to all,

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kyles said...

wow, thats sewing looks a bit too complicated for me! i love all things traditional, and will check back after work to read some more fo your blog, very interesting :) Cheers, kyles (lorikyles 0n swapbot)