Monday, February 21, 2011

I guess once a month isn't so bad...

..blogging that is :) my temporary job has finished, so now I can try to get back to the things I have been neglecting lately, family, hula & crafts! So although I haven't been making much stuff, I did make these stuffies for my niece who is expecting her first child in a few weeks. I'm not too great at embroidery,but I put baby's name along with the Hawaiian name of the animal on it's back...

I like the way they came out, but forgot to take the "finished" picture of them both, before I gave them to her...anywho, I was working on a shark (mano) & an octopus (muhe'e) but didn't finish them in time,hopefully I can have them done before baby arrives!

Plus,even though this is rather late...

this is our first attempt at making a gingerbread house....I didn't bake it, it was one of those pre-made kits, but Alyssa, Jade & I had fun putting it all together. I did most of the icing part & they put on all the candies. The gingerbread was kinda nasty, so the kids ate the left over candies, the house lasted about a week, then hubby tossed it out one morning before the rest of us woke up ...glad I got a couple pictures before that happened, because the girls were VERY upset!!! Anywho,other than these things, I did make a few ornaments, some jewelry & baked LOTS of cookies for Christmas, but since I was working most of the time, that was about all I could manage to make for the holidays!

I have started hula back up again for the new year as well. No pics of anything yet, but might have some in the near future. Am looking for new students as well, so if anyone is interested in learning....just e-mail! ( I'll gladly give more details!

Hope to blog more often, but I'm not making any promises, so far, if once a month is all I can handle, then once a month is enough :)

Have a wonderful day!

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