Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Aloha to all!!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful new year! Ours was uneventful, but that's OK, cause so much has happened since I last blogged!!! After mom's passing, hubby lost his job, which led us to move back to Chicago (which would have made some excellent stories here to blog....) Dad had his good/bad times both mentally & physically, but he's doing much better now. So are we, hubby had found a job (thanks to my 2ND eldest brother....) then lost that one too, but now has a new one! I have been working for 2 months now (retail of all things...) Kids are growing fast & changing day to day. Our eldest will be graduating 8th grade this year, middle daughter is moving on up to middle school, leaving the little one to fend for herself in grade school (....3 kids in 3 different schools ought to make for some interesting blogs if I do say so myself!) Hubby's family quit talking to all of us due to his "DEAD BEAT DAD" brother, who caused a major war between the siblings!!! (TOO MUCH DRAMA!!!) His own mother told him that she's more concerned with her "DEAD BEAT DAD" son's problems than what was going on with her eldest son's life (...that being my husband...) I'm sure that will lead to some good blog fodder for this year! On a good note,.... I am going to be a Grand-Aunty this year!!!! & one of my nieces wrote a book!!! MAN!!!! TONS HAVE HAPPENED SINCE I WROTE LAST!!!! Plus my halau has decided to compete again this year (OK, I decided for them, but they still agreed to it....) :)

Looks like I got ALOT to write about for 2011

God bless you all & cheers to a wonderful new year!!!
A hui hou,

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