Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good morning!

Aloha everyone! Just adding a quick post today to catch up on the last couple weeks here. Had some ohana from up north & to the east of us come down for a visit. Mahalo Dave & Daph ( #4 bruddah & sis-in-law...) & their sons, Paul & Adam came to stay for the weekend. Paul finished his Army basic training here in Georgia (Ft. Benning...) & we proudly went to go see his "Turning Blue"/ graduation ceremony (which was AWESOME!) & Bruddah (#1) John came too. (I hope to post some pics soon...I know, & you should too, how terrible I am with posting pictures here...) Even though it was a short visit, we LOVED having family here & hope to see them all again soon. Actually Paul will be heading overseas soon, so I wish him all the best & he of course will always be in our thoughts & prayers! (I'M SO PROUD OF YOU PAUL!!!) It takes ALOT for anyone in today's world to join the military. I wish you all the success possible!

Anywho, just keeping it short today, got some other things to catch up on & hope to post more tomorrow...

a hui hou,

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